Claregalway Castle Fishery

The Claregalway Castle Fishery is now under the management of IFI. The fishery comprises fishing on the Clare River from upstream of Crusheeny Bridge downstream to Lough Corrib. Species available include salmon, trout, pike, perch, roach and bream, with coarse fishing most practised in the lower river closer to Lough Corrib. Most salmon and trout fishing is done around Claregalway and upstream.

The season runs from February 1st (salmon) and March 1st (trout) to September 30th.  Coarse and pike fishing is permitted year round.

There is a resident stock of trout in the river averaging 0.5-1lbs, but the main run of trout from Lough Corrib brings fish up to 5-6bs in summer. Spring salmon can be caught in the river from April, with the best spring fishing in May. Grilse start running in late May, with the best fishing in June-July. There can be good fishing from then to the end of the season.

The river is open for 2020 and all legal methods are allowed. Anglers can take one salmon per day during September subject to the season limit of 10 salmon. The bag limit for trout is 4 per day (which can only include one fish over 10lbs) and the minimum size is 33cm (13 inches) fork length.

Fishery Rules

  • Anglers must be in possession of a valid fishery permit, and a State salmon licence when fishing for salmon.
  • Anglers must fish in accordance with the Fishery Acts 1959-2019, Salmon & Sea Trout Tagging Regulations and relevant bye-laws.
  • All legal methods are permitted unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Fish hooked anywhere except in the mouth must be returned immediately to the water.
  • Anglers are not permitted to bring dogs with them while fishing (except for assistance dogs).
  • Anglers are not permitted to carry or consume alcohol while on the fishery.
  • Anglers must respect landowners property. Ensure that no access points are blocked. Close all gates and bring all litter home.
  • Any angler found to be in breach of these rules may have their permit revoked.
  • IFI reserves the right to refuse admission to the fishery.

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