Laune fishery (Muckross beat)

Beat 1: This short 300m stretch can be accessed on the left hand bank of the river going upstream to the lake from the Laune Bridge. Beat 1 can also be accessed on the right bank from the Laune Bridge for circa 150m. There is also access to another 80m long section on the right hand bank as it leaves the lake. To access these sections, you have to pass over the Laune Br, heading south to the T junction, take the left hand turn into the townland of Tomies East. Then take the next left down the farmer’s passage. This track takes you close to the river outflow at the lake. Permit signs are visible on the gate into this passage.

Beaufort Bridge, River Laune
Beaufort Bridge, River Laune

Beat 2: This stretch covers circa 2.5km and can be accessed from the Laune Bridge downstream or Beaufort Bridge upstream.  Fishing on this stretch is on the right bank only downstream of Laune Bridge or left bank upstream from Beaufort Bridge.

Please Note: Due to recent erosion of a stretch of the northern bank c. 500m downstream from Laune Bridge, anglers are advised that there is no access to the remainder of Beat 2 along the riverbank from that point.

Inland Fisheries Ireland regrets any inconvenience caused and has engaged local stakeholders to resolve the issue. Access to Beat 2 from Beaufort Bridge and Beat 1 from Laune Bridge is unaffected.

Inland Fisheries Ireland advises anglers to heed to warning notices in place at the affected location.

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