Anglers must carry a .pdf or printed version of their permit while fishing.

Terms and conditions

1. Permit are sold online and issued to you via email. You are responsible for either printing a copy of the permit, or having a pdf on your phone, to carry with you while fishing. It is a condition of all permits that the holder carry with him / her photographic ID (i.e. Drivers licence / passport) at all times to ensure verification of the identity of the holder of the permit.  Failure to have in their possession the required photographic identification invalidates the permit.  Fishing without a valid permit on state waters is an offence.

2. Permits are sold online and are issued by by email. Permits are non refundable and non transferrable. Only where there is satisfactory proof that a permit was purchased in error will “returns” be accepted.

3. IFI cannot vouch for the safe state of the fishery at any time due to changing weather and water conditions and the possible presence of hidden and unknown dangers. Anglers are warned to exercise the utmost care for their own safety and that of others using the fishery. Anglers are advised at all times to use a personal flotation device when in the immediate vicinity of the Fishery. This offer is issued on the strict understanding that IFI’s duty to you is limited to that owed to ‘Recreational Users’ under the occupiers Liability Act 1995.

4. IFI reserve the right to refuse access to the fishery.

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