Claregalway Castle Fishery – Senior Season Permit


Senior Season permit for the Claregalway Castle Fishery, Clare River

Fishery area: IFI Galway. Fishery: Clare River.
Available From: 01/01/2024. Available To: 30/09/2024.


Season – Salmon from 1st February to 30th September. Brown Trout/Sea trout from 1st March to 30th September.

Fishery Rules

  • Anglers must be in possession of a valid fishery permit, and a State salmon licence when fishing for salmon.
  • Anglers must fish in accordance with the Fishery Acts 1959-2019, Salmon & Sea Trout Tagging Regulations and relevant bye-laws.
  • All legal methods are permitted unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Fish hooked anywhere except in the mouth must be returned immediately to the water.
  • Anglers are not permitted to bring dogs with them while fishing (except for assistance dogs)
  • Anglers are not permitted to carry or consume alcohol while on the fishery
  • Anglers must respect landowners property. Ensure that no access points are blocked. Close all gates and bring all litter home.
  • Any angler found to be in breach of these rules may have their permit revoked.
  • IFI reserves the right to refuse admission to the fishery.