Beats 1 & 2 Muckross Fishery Adult Season permit


Adult season permit for the IFI’s Beats 1 and 2 on the River Laune

Fishery area: IFI Macroom. Fishery: Laune fishery (Muckross beat).
Available From: 18/01/2023. Available To: 30/09/2023.


Angling Regulations on Beat 1 and 2 on the Laune Fishery

  1. Persons must abide by all fishery regulations
  2. Fishing commences at 8.00am until sunset
  3. No fishing from bridges
  4. No shrimp or prawn allowed
  5. No littering of river banks or adjacent lands
  6. Season permit not available for opening day 17th January
  7. Single rod to be fished at any one time
  8. Angler must carry permit at all times.
  9. Salmon anglers must be in possession of a valid salmon licence before entering onto the fishery