Ballyvary Fishery – Adult Season Permit


Adult Season permit for the Ballyvary Fishery, River Moy catchment

Salmon: 1st February to 30th September
Trout: 15th February to 10th October
Pike/Coarse: 1st January to 31st December

A & B to D. State salmon rod licence & permit required for salmon angling.
C to D. Permit only required for pike & coarse angling.
A & B to C. State salmon rod licence & permit required for all angling.
A & B to C. Closed to all angling after salmon & trout season.
C to D. Open all year for pike/coarse angling.

Fishery area: IFI Ballina. Fishery: Ballyvary Fishery.


Season – Salmon from 1st February to 30th September. Trout from 15th February to 10th October.

Fishery Rules and Regulations

  1.  All salmon and sea trout anglers must be in possession of a current state salmon rod licence, tags and log book when fishing.
  2. Permits must be purchased before fishing.
  3. Failure to produce your licence and permit (1 & 2) on demand may lead to an on the spot fine or prosecution.
  4.  Permits are not refundable or transferable (Named angler only ).
  5. All anglers are required to make a catch/no catch/return when finished fishing using the form provided with their permit and email to or return to issuer.
  6. The use of prawn/shrimp as bait is strictly prohibited.
  7. All anglers must access the fishery at designated access points only. Keep to the river bank, use stiles and paths and must not park in front of gates, leave gates open, cause damage, discard litter, fishing lines or hooks.
  8. All anglers are required to keep a respectable distance from the next angler and fish pools in rotation.
  9. Juveniles must be accompanied on the fishery by an adult.
  10. Only one salmon (any size) or sea trout (over 40cm) may be retained on a one day licence.
  11. Breaches of Ballyvary Fishery Rules and Regulations and or Fisheries Law will automatically invalidate any permit issued.