Brown Trout in Ireland


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This beautifully illustrated book deals with all aspects of the trout’s ecology and biology. It is written in a very readable style and would appeal, particularly, to the inquisitive angler who wishes to know more about his quarry. 

The ideal present for the angler or student of natural history and an essential addition to their library. 

Anglers and naturalists regard brown trout with great fascination. This appeal arises out of the immense variability that it shows in colouration, life history and behaviour as well as its undoubted angling qualities. It is this importance as a sporting fish that has led to much scientific study of trout as the need to manage and conserve stocks has required in-depth knowledge of its biology. 

Much of the literature available to anglers and other trout devotees consists of books on angling techniques and experiences. There is a considerable need for an up-to-date book that presents trout biology in a format accessible to all, a gap splendidly filled here by Martin O’Grady and his colleagues Myles Kelly and Shane O’Reilly from Inland Fisheries Ireland. The book derives from a passion for the subject that goes well beyond cold scientific interest. While the book draws largely on the authors’ and other studies on trout in Ireland, the information presented will be of interest to trout and salmonid aficionados world-wide.

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